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Life Lessons from (Old Man) Football

i think as parents we all want to teach our kids important life lessons. We want to try and leave lasting impressions upon them. One thing I’ve learned in my short time as a parent is that many times the most important lessons are those taught through experience and that happen naturally.

I recently had an opportunity to do something that I think was pretty cool – to some it probably wasn’t that big of a deal. To others, It was probably down right stupid. I was able to play in an alumni football game – full pads, full contact, full speed. Well, as full speed as some of us old guys could muster up anyway.  I have to remind you I’m 37 years old! Crazy thing is, I wasn’t the oldest one out there.  Now I heard every excuse from classmates there is – and I won’t out anybody about their reasons for not playing. Some were down right comical; some did seem legit.


i knew if I had not at least tried to play in that game I would have regretted it probably for the rest of my life. This is where the lesson for my girls and soon to be boy comes in. I don’t want them to look at things and not do them just because they may be too hard only to regret it later.  Now granted, I was no super star out there on the football field that night, but I took the opportunity that was given to me and enjoyed every minute of it. I had fun. My family and friends got to see me play football – my wife and kids for the first time. I hope they can look back on their crazy old dad playing in the mud that night and be inspired to do something big one day too!



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I’d Rather Be…

Today has been one of those days.

Left work early.

Dealt with plumbing issues at home.

Doctored on sick little girl and sick wife.

Made an ER trip.

Now I’m sitting here – everyone else is asleep, and I thought I’d have a little blogging therapy.  Our oldest little girl seems to have some sort of virus and we simply got worried about her, so we decided to take her to the ER – by this point everything else was closed.  Turned out everything was fine – just gotta let it run it’s course.

As I was walking out, I was admiring the weather and thinking I’d rather be fishing right now. I was even thinking about it on the ride home.  I’ll admit I’ve been doing more fishing lately than I’ve done in the last 10 years and I’ve really been enjoying myself, but that’s a topic for another day!

Then it hit me – no, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. I’m getting to (try) take care of things at my house for my family, getting to take care of my daughter while she is sick as well as my wife while it appears she is getting sick.  Sure, I get huffy and flustered at dealing with clogged toilets and trying to decide whether we need to make a trip to the ER, but this is where I belong and there’s no place I’d rather be.

Oh, and by the way, you guessed it – stomach virus + plumbing troubles = bad, bad combination!


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The Story of Us…MoMo Twins and Heartache Yet Again

This is the continuing story of “The Story of Us” – the road that my wife and I faced in our infertility battle and road to have our daughter. If you’d like to read past stories, please visit the link at the top of my page.

It was around March of 2009, Liz and I had just found out that we were pregnant with twins. Then quickly found out that “Baby B” was not doing well – this baby’s heartbeat was only around 69 beats per minute. Doctors want to see it at least over 100. This was only part of our worries however – yes, we were concerned about how we’d afford double diapers, formula and double everything, but that was not the main concern. We had learned that our twins were what were called “momo twins”. Basically, they could touch each other while they were in my wife’s belly! This isn’t how it always happens. Being this way brings it’s own complications. The twins cords could get wrapped around each other’s necks more easily, cord compression was possible, as well as twin-twin transfusion syndrome – as always I had read too much.

We focused on getting baby B’s heart rate up. Of course, there was nothing we could physically do to improve this – but we prayed. We dreamed of what it would be like to have twins. We loved the idea while everyone around us thought we were absolutely crazy. I’ll admit, I was panicking a bit because of the financial side of it, but we would make it work. Liz and I have always been this way – any difficult situation we know we’ll make it through. We know God will first see us through, but we know He will give us the wisdom, as well, to figure it out. We believed he would do the same in this situation.

However, this pregnancy would end just as the previous two had. Liz began having complications and called her doctor. They told her to come in – again, they could not find either heartbeat. I think at this point we were really beginning to think this just isn’t going to happen for us. We could not believe this was happening again. We thought we had found the answers with removing the septum – that this was the problem for Liz, but apparently not! Unfortunately, Liz now faced a difficult decision. In the next few days, Liz would have a D&C to remove the babies from her body. This was absolutely one of the hardest days for us – driving to the doctor’s office, knowing what we were going in for.

To this day, we still talk about the twins – what they would have been like, what it would have been like to have twins. Losing any pregnancy was bad enough, but for some reason that left a deeper mark.

Soon, Liz and I would be making a big move – could things turn around then?


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