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The Story of Us…Becomes A Trio

IMG_0783[1]Not a post that I really expected to be writing!  My wife just found out the other day that she is expecting again!  This will be baby #3 (or 8, depending on how we’re counting…and if you’ve read my other posts) and I’ve found it very comical that in the same week that we found out this news this picture began surfacing on Facebook – rather fiting I thought.

Liz and I have talked about the possibility of a third child for a while, but never really but any deep thought into, I guess you could say.  We were happy with our two girls and were just gonna leave it at that.  Well, we got a surprise!

Things are still very early.  My wife will go to the doctor this Tuesday for an ultrasound and some bloodwork.  She will just be 6 weeks at this point, and yes, everyone knows.  I know that goes against everything – tradition, logic, etc. – but we’ve never been good at keeping secrets and we’ve always wanted to prayers and support of everyone around us due to the problems we’ve had in the past. 

So all of that has started again as well – the shots, the medications, and of course the worry.  Days already seem to be creeping by.  We are still in a bit of shock, but our brains are running wide open with things too. 

I know each pregnancy is different, but this one is a bit more different for us because we have two other kids now and our oldest has a little better idea of what is going on.  She was only 11 months old when we got surprised with her sister.  It seems her brain has been running too fast since we told her as well.  When is the baby coming has already been asked a couple hundred times in the last few days!  It has been sweet though hearing here talk about, “when my other sister gets here”. 

I haven’t been able to convince her of the possibility that it could be a little brother!


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Name Change!

Just wanted to give everyone, I think that’d be about 3 of you – and I’m very thankful for those 3 of you that read – that I’ll be updating/changing the name/address of my blog here on WP.  The new address will be to reflect the name of my blog.  Currently, it is just a generic address that I picked before I really knew what the name of my site would be.

So – I say all of that to say, I hope those that are subscribed to me via e-mail, it will be a seamless transition. If not, I apologize!  Please, come back and find me!

Thanks again for reading!


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The Heavy Truth…and a New Low Point

This one is a tough story to tell.  You may wonder what it has to do with fatherhood or dads or kids – I’ll get to that.

The reason I first started this blog was to have an outlet – to be able to share mine and my wife’s story through all the infertility issues and then through parenthood.  This story has been interwoven in there all along the way as well.  Take a look at this picture:



This was me, and my family of course, at my heaviest weight of 361 pounds!


Several things about that. I never told anyone – and I mean anyone what I weighed.  For that matter, one of my previous doctors offices wasn’t even for sure what I weighed because their scale didn’t go above 250.  I laughed the first time I walked in there and the nurse asked me to step on – I said, I know I’m over that!  I was actually inspired by an old college friend that is on a weight loss journey himself right now and has posted his numbers.  It’s hard for me to put those numbers up there,but it’s a reality and one I can’t hide behind anymore.

I never even told my wife what I weighed.  I didn’t want her to know the number. She always told me she never cared about my size; she wasn’t concerned about the number.  I remember her saying that, “I better stick around”. She loved me for who I was, not what I looked like and I believed that.

About 55lbs down.

About 55lbs down.

photo (1)

Today at 278!

I had dieted before. Many times. Failed many times. Before the birth of our oldest daughter I had gone on a diet, lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 pounds only to gain it all back.  I went to the doctor recently – my numbers were all out of whack – high blood pressure, cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. I knew it was coming.  It’s like anything in life – you play with fire long enough, you’re bound to get burned. I decided that day things had to change.  I would have to change the way I was eating. I would have to lose some weight and plan to keep it off this time.  That was November 14, 2013. As of today, I weighed in at 278.  I can not remember the last time I saw a number that low on a scale! I bet if I got my hair cut I could drop a couple extra pounds too!

Someone asked me today what keeps me on this way of eating and I really didn’t have a clear cut answer.  All of the health issues certainly. Seeing the results that I was having as you can see in this picture was part of it as well.  I had tried to fool myself for too long that I was okay with being fat – that I was comfortable in my own skin, this was who I was and I’ll just be a big guy for the rest of my life.  I always had plenty of jokes to cover things up.  I finally had to make a decision for myself that I was going to do it and make a change for myself. Of course, all of the health issues did up the ante for me a little.

My Girls!

My Girls!

Ultimately, the real reason for doing it came down to something bigger than myself – geez, did I really just type that!  Everyone says that you must do something like this for yourself and that is true.  Only you can decide to do something like this – to change the way you are eating, to turn your entire life upside down, and to fight a constant battle every day. In the end, the decision was about me, but it was about those three in that pic over there. Liz’s words of “make sure you stick around” rang in my ears.

This is where the fatherhood, the manhood, issue comes in. It was time for a change. It wasn’t about me anymore.  I had a wife and two little girls that were counting on me for so much.  There was no food in this world that was more important than them.   I want to be able to do all the things I’m supposed to be able to do as a dad and not have to give excuses that my feet hurt, or I’m tired, or daddy can’t do that because he’s too fat!  I’ve still got a long road to go to reach my goal weight and then the journey of simply keeping it off.  I think this time I’ve finally found the motivation to do it.  I hope by sharing just a little of my story it my help someone else who might be struggling!



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