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The Story of Us…Becomes A Trio

IMG_0783[1]Not a post that I really expected to be writing!  My wife just found out the other day that she is expecting again!  This will be baby #3 (or 8, depending on how we’re counting…and if you’ve read my other posts) and I’ve found it very comical that in the same week that we found out this news this picture began surfacing on Facebook – rather fiting I thought.

Liz and I have talked about the possibility of a third child for a while, but never really but any deep thought into, I guess you could say.  We were happy with our two girls and were just gonna leave it at that.  Well, we got a surprise!

Things are still very early.  My wife will go to the doctor this Tuesday for an ultrasound and some bloodwork.  She will just be 6 weeks at this point, and yes, everyone knows.  I know that goes against everything – tradition, logic, etc. – but we’ve never been good at keeping secrets and we’ve always wanted to prayers and support of everyone around us due to the problems we’ve had in the past. 

So all of that has started again as well – the shots, the medications, and of course the worry.  Days already seem to be creeping by.  We are still in a bit of shock, but our brains are running wide open with things too. 

I know each pregnancy is different, but this one is a bit more different for us because we have two other kids now and our oldest has a little better idea of what is going on.  She was only 11 months old when we got surprised with her sister.  It seems her brain has been running too fast since we told her as well.  When is the baby coming has already been asked a couple hundred times in the last few days!  It has been sweet though hearing here talk about, “when my other sister gets here”. 

I haven’t been able to convince her of the possibility that it could be a little brother!


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Stop and Smell the Stinky Diapers!

Our little girl recently turned 9 months old.  Yes, as any parent, we are as proud as we can be and also can’t believe where the time has gone.  With this milestone comes questions – is she crawling, how many teeth does she have, is she trying to walk yet, when is she gonna get any hair.  I understand there are certain milestones that a 9 month old should be meeting due to developmental abilities and if not that would be a cause for concern.  All of this has been discussed with her pediatrician, and she is fine – so no worries there.

Today, though, I ran into someone that knows my wife and I – and of course it lead into that discussion of how old is she and is she walking yet, etc. – and she proceeds to tell me how her child was walking at 8 1/2 months old.  I too have been in on the walking “betting” with our daughter saying that she would be walking by Christmas, so as you’ll see the context of my blog will also be directed at myself as well.

I realized something after the conversation with the nice lady. We – parents, society – are obsessed with our kids growing up and doing so quickly!  I’m as guilty as the rest.  When we first brought Maddy home, I remember saying “I can’t wait until she can smile or laugh…”.  I had to stop myself and enjoy what she could do whether it was just grunt or poot right then!  Parents get so worried about their babies sleeping through the night, eating solid food, and when they will crawl or walk – we don’t focus on what they are doing at them moment.  We’re always looking ahead to tomorrow – trying to grow them up too fast.  And don’t even get me started on what happens once they are older – 5 year olds with cell phones, the clothes…wait, I said I wasn’t gonna start!

So the next time someone asks you if you child is doing this or that yet – say nope, but this is what she IS doing, and I’m loving every minute of it!

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Confessions of a Dad-to-Be

So, as the “big day” gets closer and closer, the little details are beginning to be the only things left to do.  I have started packing a hospital bag for all three of us, making sure all the camera stuff is charged and in one place, making sure I have all the phone numbers I need and all that good stuff.  I’ve been reading things along about my wife’s pregnancy and how the baby is developing.  I’ve actually read things that after the fact I think I would have been better off not knowing.

As these final preparations are being made, I feel the need to confess something. Two somethings actually.

First – I’ve never changed a diaper.  Yes, you read that right – NEVER.

When my wife got one of these little sample bags, there was a newborn diaper in it.  She was showing it to me, and in perfect dad-to-be fashion, I mustered up probably the dumbest question that has ever been asked.

“Where do the legs go?”

This little thing that was supposed to be a diaper and hold all of these nasty things I’ve only heard of just did not look big enough!  It didn’t really make sense to me when I first saw it, so the first thing that came to mind, well, came out!  Where do the legs go?  My wife got a really good laugh at my expense.

Thanks to my wife I now know where the legs go.

Second – I’ve never held a baby.

Don’t ask me how it’s happened.  Maybe I was scared of holding babies.  I don’t know.  I have held like 7-8 month olds, but not infants.  Actually, just as time passed I told myself that I’ve waited this long, never holding a baby, that I would just wait and let the first baby I hold be my own.  Some folks may think that crazy since I’ve not had any practice, but we’ll see how it goes.  Actually, I had another first too – I’d never felt a baby kick before my wife got pregnant this time.  Call me crazy, but I just never ran around putting my hand on pregnant lady’s bellies!

This next year will bring lots of firsts for me and my wife, no doubt.  I’ll change my first diaper and hold my first baby – with my first child.  Should be an interesting year to say the least.

Hopefully, my attempts at changing those first diapers won’t be as bad as some of these:

Guess I’ll find out soon enough!


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