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The Story of Us…Becomes A Trio

IMG_0783[1]Not a post that I really expected to be writing!  My wife just found out the other day that she is expecting again!  This will be baby #3 (or 8, depending on how we’re counting…and if you’ve read my other posts) and I’ve found it very comical that in the same week that we found out this news this picture began surfacing on Facebook – rather fiting I thought.

Liz and I have talked about the possibility of a third child for a while, but never really but any deep thought into, I guess you could say.  We were happy with our two girls and were just gonna leave it at that.  Well, we got a surprise!

Things are still very early.  My wife will go to the doctor this Tuesday for an ultrasound and some bloodwork.  She will just be 6 weeks at this point, and yes, everyone knows.  I know that goes against everything – tradition, logic, etc. – but we’ve never been good at keeping secrets and we’ve always wanted to prayers and support of everyone around us due to the problems we’ve had in the past. 

So all of that has started again as well – the shots, the medications, and of course the worry.  Days already seem to be creeping by.  We are still in a bit of shock, but our brains are running wide open with things too. 

I know each pregnancy is different, but this one is a bit more different for us because we have two other kids now and our oldest has a little better idea of what is going on.  She was only 11 months old when we got surprised with her sister.  It seems her brain has been running too fast since we told her as well.  When is the baby coming has already been asked a couple hundred times in the last few days!  It has been sweet though hearing here talk about, “when my other sister gets here”. 

I haven’t been able to convince her of the possibility that it could be a little brother!


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“Am I Enough?”

Awesome post. Not much that I can add – I think it’s all there!  I can’t speak for my wife, but I’m sure there were/are many days she has thought this way.

Barren to Beautiful

This week my husband walks in the door after a long day at work to find: dishes piled in the sink, laundry all over the living room, the beef for dinner still in a frozen block, and me…looking like Frump Queen. He is gracious. And tells me to take a nap. I instantly obey. (Inwardly rejoicing.) And while I am sleeping for 45 minutes, he manages to clean the whole house…while watching our daughter. (A feat I clearly was incapable of accomplishing today. Many days.)

One part of my feels grateful the house is clean. I can relax now, right? But the other (bigger) part of me feels guilty and defeated. He just worked the whole day at his job, and then came home and did mine, too. Isn’t this why I am staying home? 

Every day I have this desire to accomplish something. But every day it feels I accomplish nothing. I…

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Ready or Not Here I Come!

So, the last two weeks have been a little crazy!  I started back to school – which means I’ve had enormous amounts of reading to do.  My wife and I have also had 2 doctor’s appointments in that time – the most recent coming yesterday.

Prior to those doc appointments, baby Maddy had been breech and finally decided to “flip”!  Well, she is a little gymnast because she flipped back to a breech position and then back again for yesterday’s appointment!  So there’s no telling how she is laying right now!

Yesterday’s appointment was an eventful one!  After some discussion, due to baby Maddy being a little on the small side and considering some other factors our doc decided the best course of action would be to schedule a c-section for next week – February 9th to be exact.!

We knew this was probably coming, but to now have the appointments set for pre-op and an actual date for her to enter the world.  I’m ready to meet her and I think my wife, even though she has enjoyed being pregnant, is ready to NOT be pregnant anymore too.

It’s a little hard to believe that the time is already here.  For anyone that has ever tried to get pregnant, you know the roughest part is the waiting.  That “two week wait” is absolutely agonizing!  But the waiting doesn’t stop once you are pregnant – when can we hear the heartbeat, when can we find out what we are having, when is the next appointment!  Now it’s almost like – I’m not ready yet!

Well, ready or not – here Maddy comes!



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