Second Child Syndrome

23 Jul

It is a little over 7 1/2 weeks until we will be welcoming DD #2 into our family.  If you had told me that my family would double in size in less than 2  years, I’d say you were crazy!  But yet, here we are only 50-something days before going into the hospital again for the birth of a child.

The emotions are definitely different for a second child – well, they are for us.  I don’t know how it is for other folks.  When it took almost 10 years before my wife got pregnant and well, stayed pregnant, and then finding out she is pregnant just 11 months later we were in a state of shock.  We have been for quite a while now!

There are days that I already feel like I have shorted or slighted Olivia.  We haven’t taken pictures of putting together all the furniture for her room, or taken near as many pictures of a pregnant belly, or really half the things we did for the first one!  Now, I understand, as many people have pointed out, we are busy taken care of a toddler – so our brain is there.  Honestly, I think we didn’t think we would have another child, much less so easily.  So that’s what went into all the pictures and everything!

Don’t get me wrong – we don’t love our second one any less as I’m sure no parent does, but I think going in the relationship is different.  Maybe I’m just still in shock.  To get Maddy here, took work I guess you could say – Olivia was a total surprise so the reactions are different.  Maybe that should be my word of choice instead of relationship – reaction, our reaction to the idea of another child.

Any one else feel this way?

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