Then there were two…

19 Jul

How many times have I started a blog off this way – It’s been too long since my last post.  Boy, has it really been too long this time!  Maddy is now 17 months old and is definitely in high gear.  She is too smart for her own good, or maybe too smart for my own good!  I do have some catching up to do on posts, for sure, but it has been one crazy year since my last post.  What’s funny is I’m realizing that my last post was on January 30, 2012.  I need to back up about 2 weeks from that post!

There are a couple of things I won’t forget after beginning the new year.  We were looking forward to/planning Maddy’s first birthday party – which was awesome – and we were just settling in to having a toddler to deal with now.  Maddy started walking on January 8th and hasn’t slowed down since!

Somewhere around that time, we were all sitting at the table for breakfast and I was cutting up a banana to feed to Maddy.  Liz looks up for her breakfast and says, “man, that banana smells good!”.  Doesn’t seem that unusual on the surface, but trust me, this is unusual for Liz.  There was another “sign” if you will around that time that was just unusual for Liz.  I don’t remember what it is now, but it was like bells going off in my head.  I told Liz – “are you sure you aren’t pregnant?”  At the time we honestly laughed it off.  Liz has NEVER, I repeat, NEVER gotten pregnant on her own – not that we know of anyway.

Apparently Liz, began to take my statement a little more seriously.

January 17th, 2012 – Liz had already been home for lunch, so when I heard the front door opening and see her walking back in the house I was wondering what she had forgotten.  This wasn’t necessarily unusual, but I noticed she was carrying a little white paper sack.  The look on her face was priceless as I watched her reach into that little bag and say – LOOK AT THIS!?

It was a positive pregnancy test!!!!!  She was in total shock.  My brain immediately went to – call the doctor, we need to get medicine in you if this is for real!  We hugged and then started calling the doctor!

It was then confirmed – Liz was pregnant.  We’d be welcoming a second child into our family.  We’d have  2 under 2!  What in the world?!?

Things have been good this pregnancy.  We found out that we were having another little girl – Olivia Grace (Livvy) and she’ll be coming into this world on September 13th!

And no, that isn’t a picture of Maddy – that’s Livvy’s 4-D pictures.  We think they are gonna look a lot alike!


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