Two months in…and an Erie Reminder…

11 Apr

Two  months in and well, it’s pretty much been two months since I have made a post.  It’s not been for a lack of things to write about I suppose.  I guess I have just been compiling and stock-piling stories and information.  See, I want my blog here to be both humorous and informative.  I’ve got some tips I want to pass on to you, my readers, – that is if any of you might be first time parents.  You see, since I am now a dad, and have been at this for two months – I am an EXPERT!


Something I have learned over the last two months that I will share with you though, and it is something that I’m sure many parents will agree with.  No one comes into this knowing what to do – but you just figure it out.  You don’t know what that little girl is crying for – is she hungry, is she wet, does she want to be held – you try everything until you figure it out.  You don’t know how to change diapers or fix bottles – but you figure it out.  (Some people may have knows how to do some of those last things – I didn’t, see my previous posts!)  It is a quality in mine and my wife’s marriage that I have always admired – when something challenging has come up in our path that we didn’t know how to deal with we always had that attitude – we’d figure it out.  And for the most part that is what we have done over the past two months.

As Liz and I were doing our morning routine this morning – she was getting ready for work and I was – well, I’m not sure what I was doing – I was picking up some things around the bedroom.  Bottles from the night before, pacifiers that had somehow gotten thrown all over the room, dirty diapers that needed to be thrown in the trash (again, a story for another time).  I was picking up something that had rolled under a little table we have in our room that has this long tablecloth on it.  So I’m having to flip it up trying to find whatever it was I’m looking for and I got a surprise.

And well, I got a reminder of where we’d been.

It was an old, plastic water jug that had syringes in it from Liz’s daily heparin injections.  We kept everything we needed for her shots there on that table.  It was our morning ritual and our nightly ritual.  Every morning before she left for work – she got a shot.  Every night before she went to sleep – she got a shot.

While it seems like a lifetime ago, it was just two short months ago that we were going through all of that – the shots, the doctors appointments, the wondering, the hoping, the praying.  Just a year ago, Liz wasn’t even pregnant.  I wasn’t even sure I wanted her to try and get pregnant again.  All of this is truly a miracle from God.  We still don’t know the reason why our road took us where it did, and while we’ll never forget what it took and what we lost to get where we are today – sometimes we need reminders even if it is a water jug full of syringes.

Oh, and if you’re wondering – No, I didn’t throw them away.  I put them back under the table…..for now.

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One response to “Two months in…and an Erie Reminder…

  1. Jeff Silvey

    April 13, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    That’s so true, nobody goes into this knowing what to do. There is no handbook. You just kind of figure it out as you go. That’s part of the reason why the job is so difficult. Sometimes it takes so much energy for all the trial and error it takes to figure out what the problem is. But it’s worth it.


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