32 weeks…Anticipation

23 Dec

To be specific it is 32 weeks and 1 day for my wife and baby Maddy.  It’s Christmas Eve Eve – but surprisingly my brain is not on opening presents, a big ham, egg nog (although I’d like some!) or Santa.  No, my thoughts are in February and when we will finally get to meet our little girl!

The room is painted, the bookshelf is stained, the crib and bassinet are together – sheets and bumpers ready, pictures were hung with care, even the clothes are washed!  Everything is ready!

Well, except maybe Liz and how Maddy will actually make her entrance into the world!

It is just a funny turn of events, after going through 4 miscarriages, how your thought process changes.  In the beginning, we were just hoping to make it past the 8 week mark, which was the longest we’d ever made it.  Then it was past 12 weeks and out of that first trimester when the “chances” go up dramatically.  The next milestone was 24 weeks where that was considered “vitality”.  Those words, I just never really liked.  Don’t know why…just didn’t.  I think it made it all too clinical for me and that’s not what it was about.  My next goal was 30 weeks – I thought if we make it there, everything should be good and I’d just feel good about it – then I learn her lungs are fully developed until at least 37 weeks.  So I had to readjust my thinking a little.

I’m at the point now though, that I’m just ready to meet her.  I feel like all the preparations are ready.  I’m as ready as I know how to be and as ready as I’ll ever be.  These last 8 weeks are going by as slowly as those first 8 weeks though.

To top all that off though, I keep hearing stories of “oh, I had my girl at 32 weeks” or 33 weeks…and I see blogs of others that are in the hospital with complications at 32 weeks! So all of this just adds to the anticipation!

Wait, I’ve gotta pack a bag for the hospital!

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