What’s In a Name…

01 Dec

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Okay, so hoping I don’t get Shakespeare’s people after me with that title! (Wait, does Shakespeare still have people?) Anyway…I’ve changed the name of the blog a few times here and have finally landed on that I like. Part of the reason behind the changes was that I created another blog specific to youth ministry and ministry related things and I used Worthey Words for that one. I’ve always done things to play off my last name of Worthey. I don’t know why really. I can say this – I have heard the “we’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!” bit from Wayne’s World my fair share of times, so I thought I might has well embrace it.  In school, I started signing all of my papers B-Worthey (my first name is Brian).  One day someone asked me if I was just signing my name that way as a statement or just because – I answered both.  If people saw it as a statement to “be worthy” then that I was okay by me.

For this blog, dealing with parenting, infertility, miscarriages, I needed a better, or at least different, name. I was talking to my wife over lunch today – telling her about this whole blogging thing. Telling her that I was trying to think of a different name, and that Worthey Dad just didn’t cut it.

Then it hit me – The Un-Worthey Dad.

Why “un”?  Well, I look at it this way.  I have been so blessed by God with so many things – all of which I am not worthy of – I don’t deserve any of them.  I didn’t deserve His gift of salvation to me.  He continues to bless me and my wife with so much, and I realize I am not worthy of them.  God has blessed us with a great gift now of a child – and I feel unworthy.

So, was born The Un-Worthey Dad.  Hope you enjoy.

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