3rd trimester and new toys!

22 Nov

Liz and baby Maddy are now in their third trimester!  She will be 28 weeks this Wednesday!  Things are coming up 3’s lately though.  Now, the third trimester and we had our 3rd level II ultrasound last week.  The first was early (18 weeks) and the docs wanted to recheck everything – then they could not see all of the baby’s spine like they wanted so wanted us to come back in 4 weeks.  At this last one, they still could not see all of her spine like they wanted and gave us two options.  One was to come back in two weeks to see if the baby had moved so they could or send us to a specialist.  Well, we first opted to wait the two weeks since the doc didn’t seem too worried about anything, but of course my brain got to running a little too much and had Liz call the get appointment set up with the specialist – that won’t happen until after Thanksgiving though! Ugh!  I hate waiting!

On a more positive note – we had our first shower at our church and got lots of stuff! (Is it bad to say it that way!?)  We did though – even got a gift card to pay off our stroller we had in layaway.  Exciting, but yet again something that has to be put together!  So far I have put together a crib, bassinet, and a glider/rocker.  I’m sure there will be more in my future.  All of the others went together great!  This stroller though – man!  Maybe my brain was tired or something, but I could not understand the directions at all!  I just gave them to Liz to help me decipher.  That made things go a little smoother.  Got it together finally and had to take it on a test drive around the room!  Still lots of work left to do in Maddy’s room before she gets here and with the holidays coming up I’m not sure when we’ll get it all done!

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