Vacation and what it’s come to…

20 Aug

I know this doesn’t fit with that I said would be my theme for my blog, but I’m getting there – there second half of this post will, stick with me – So, Liz and I went to the Tennessee Aquarium today while on our stay in Chattanooga. At first we weren’t too sure about it for the price – all of these places always seem a bit pricey for me, but I digress. We were just a bit disappointed, I guess you could say -then we realized there was entirely another building for us to go into! What? Well, maybe this just got better! We make our way through and find ourselves in this butterfly room, they have a fancy name, I don’t remember now, but it’s this room with all these plants and hundreds of butterflies! It was so cool! I think we stayed in there longer than we did the entire time we were there! We got a few good shots of some butterflies too; a few just kept alluding us though. I think that part of it was worth the entire trip. That and Liz scaring a piranha – I’ll have to tell you about that story later!

Ah, and for you dads and dads-to-be (or is it dad-to-bes?, that doesn’t make sense, anyway!) – this is what it has come to, for many anyway – are you sure you are ready for this??? While in Barnes & Noble today, I picked up a fantasy football magazine and some Pooh/Eeyore rattles for the baby. Wow – didn’t ever see that combination of purchases ever being made! It of course lead to a conversation about football, sports, etc. – and what if the baby is born on Superbowl Sunday – what will I do then? Decisions, decisions? Are there TV’s in the delivery rooms?

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